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Episode 44: Fear-Free Childbirth with Alexia Leachman

by | Dec 11, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 44: Fear-Free Childbirth with Alexia Leachman


On this episode, we talk with Alexia Leachman about clearing fears before birth, the fear-tension-pain cycle, and more when it comes to fear around childbirth – and how we can become fear-free!

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Resources and References:


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Time Stamps:


1:00 – Introducing our special guest, Alexia Leachman.

2:02 – What is tokophobia, what Alexia’s experience is with it, and how she got into her line of work.

4:56 – What does “fear-free childbirth” mean to Alexia?

6:13 – What are the benefits of clearing fears before birth?

7:44 – The fear-tension-pain cycle.

9:37 – How can someone identify their fears or stress about birth?

12:09 – Alexia shares how to clear pregnancy fears.

16:04 – What is a conscious birth and why might someone consider that?

17:56 – How does stress in pregnancy affect someone’s birth experience, and how do we reduce that stress?

23:21 – How might someone reduce the stress around their due date?

33:11 – What are Alexia’s top three tips for someone who is preparing for birth?

35:46 – Where we can find Alexia and her resources.