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Ep 08: Internal Pelvic Pain

by | Apr 3, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 08: Internal Pelvic Pain

In this episode we discuss internal pelvic pain. Often, moms are told that it’s normal to have pain or discomfort with sex, arousal, tampon use, insertion, orgasms, etc post-pregnancy.

The advice is often to, “keep doing it and it will get better.” This is a myth we want to bust today, and offer sound guidance on how to feel better, for the short and long-term.

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Time Stamps:


1:25 – What IS internal pelvic pain? Defining the 3 main types

4:14 – Do your training clients talk about this openly with you, like they should?

6:04 – It’s not just a muscle issue, there is so much more to it

7:45 – What the pelvic floor muscles have to do with this pelvic pain

13:00 – If you didn’t have your pelvic floor assessed before birth and you are having pain now, it could have been an issue before that is persisting

13:20 – What Anita recommends for moms who had vaginal births for internal pelvic pain

16:33 – The “Husband Stitch” and dilators

28:02 – Painful and stressful sex postpartum

33:12 – How we can give postpartum clients their power back

34:17 – Strength training with pain

37:20 – Yoga, mindfulness and meditation to help internal pelvic pain

45:38 – We answer YOUR questions!

46:00 – Pain at my introitus during sex, why?

47:05 – Sex is hurting even after a C-section. What gives?

48:03 – With internal scar tissue from tearing: Is there something that can be done about it?

50:04 – Here’s what we covered today!

50:25 – What’s coming up next week: juggling work life and mom life!