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Ep 25: Jessie’s Debrief Following Her Planned Caesarean Birth

by | Jul 31, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 25: Jessie’s Debrief Following Her Planned Caesarean Birth

Today, Jessie is talking with us about how her planned caesarean birth went! She talks about being prepared in advance, how things were different this time around, and how much better the whole birthing process was in being active in the decision-making process.

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Resources and References:

1). 30% off discount on Jessie’s Core + Floor Restore Program through August 7th, 2018!

Use code CFR30 at checkout HERE

2). Short video blog with caesarean scar massage:


Time Stamps:

1:10 – What’s happening on the show today – How Jessie’s birth went and how wildly different postpartum has been the second time around

1:28 – We share a generous review of our podcast on-air!

2:08 – Jessie’s status 3 weeks post birth…

2:52 – Jessie’s birth story for baby #2!

11:47 – How it’s been since being home

15:20 – Additional things Jessie planned ahead for this birth vs. the last that were very helpful this time around

19:01 – How is Jessie’s incision recovery this time around?

24:38 – Was there anything different about Jessie’s medications this time around?

26:45 – Movement so far post-caesarean

27:44 – Gift for listeners!

28:12 – Coming up on the To Birth and Beyond Podcast!