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Episode 36: Postpartum, Marriage and Intimacy with Randy George

by | Oct 16, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 36: Postpartum, Marriage and Intimacy with Randy George


Today we bring back a special guest, Jessie’s husband Randy, so that the couple can talk postpartum, marriage, and intimacy!

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The Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy is a 10-week, 10 Module online course teaching coaches, trainers, health professionals, and anyone passionate about moms how to effectively work with postpartum populations in fitness coaching.

This is the last class of 2018. The next class will not enrol until mid-2019.

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Time Stamps:


0:55 – Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy is OPEN!
1:57 – Jessie introduces Randy

3:19 – The birth experience with baby #2: What did the whole situation feel like for Randy, and how did it compare to baby #1’s emergency c-section experience?

5:29 – What those first few days with a newborn felt like for Randy.

6:49 – When we got home, things got a little bit tricky with the newborn and silent reflux.

7:57 – Let’s talk about those first early weeks postpartum, managing that transition to two – toddler and newborn – on very little sleep.

11:02 – How has parental leave been for Randy?  

13:50 – The relationship shift with baby #1.

16:39 – What personal struggles has Randy had during the first 3 months of being a dad to 2?

18:26 – Listener Question #1: I would like to know if Randy feels, notices or “gets it” more this time around? And how does Jessie feel about this?

21:15 – Listener Question #2: How is Jessie and Randy’s marriage surviving?

23:27 – Talking resentment and the strategy to avoid it going forward!

29:06 – Listener Question #3: Does Randy have any strategies to not burn out between demanding toddler, caretaking and household?

30:52 – Listener Question #4: I would love to hear hear a real conversation regarding changes in intimacy/lack of or lots of sex and feelings from both of you around it.

36:37 – Listener Question #5: What should single kid families be prepared for before second kid comes along?

38:35 – Listener Question #6: What has been exceptionally better this time around, if anything?

43:03 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…

43:33 – One last reminder that the Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy is open until October 22nd!