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Episode 42: Prepare Your Pelvic Floor For Birth

by | Nov 27, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 42: Prepare Your Pelvic Floor For Birth

Today’s episode is a re-share of one of our most popular posts and will be key for you if you’re thinking of becoming pregnant, currently are pregnant or a fitness/health/birth professional who works with expecting moms.

We dive into sharing key tips about preparing your body for birth, bust some birth prep myths surrounding ‘kegels’, share our own experience preparing for birth and how we help clients prepare for birth (both vaginal or caesarean).


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5). List of Relaxation Strategies for Birth – Read Here

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Time Stamps:

1:11 – Will Kegels really strengthen your pelvic floor in preparation for the event of birth?

4:08 – The Flower Bloom Breath (video linked below in notes)

4:44 – Why do you think people are told to do Kegels in preparation for birth?

7:22 – Strategy for preparing the pelvic floor for birth: perineal massage

9:52 – How we prepared for our own births

13:38 – Types of exercise that can prepare your pelvic floor for birth, and strength training in pregnancy

21:06 – How this pelvic floor work can help you if you know you are going to have a caesarian section

21:36 – The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle

28:16 – Knowing yourself and trusting your instincts with the type of birth that you want and need

31:11 – Birth position factors, benefits, and open conversation about it

40:11 – Let’s talk a little bit about pushing baby out

46:58 – Episode review