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Episode 24: Role of the Doula with Bebo Mia

by Jul 24, 20180 comments

Episode 24: Role of the Doula with Bebo Mia

Today, we are talking with Bianca and Natasha, co-founders of bebo mia which offers training, mentorship, and community for your pregnancy, birth, and parenting biz!

Together, we discuss everything related to doulas: from social justice work around reproductive health, to what a doula brings with them for during a birth, and why you may want to have a fertility doula and even a postpartum doula!

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Resources and References:

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2).  Bebo  Mia Facebook  –

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For  listeners  of the podcast,  Bebo Mia has generously  gifted us a 20% discount  offering to their Maternal  Support Practitioner  Training,  which  is their  in-house doula  training program.  You can find the coupon  code to apply at checkout  of the course in today’s show  notes. Please note this is an affiliate  link, which means we will receive a small  commission from any registrations, from our direct  link, which will go directly to fund the To Birth  and Beyond podcast and it’s production.


Time Stamps:

1:04 – Today’s special guests introduction

3:20 – Bebo Mia’s social justice work around reproductive health

3:56 – Why Bianca and Natasha decided to become doulas

7:51 – Could you share what a birth doula is? And also: what is a postpartum doula?

11:27 – What is a fertility doula, and what support do they offer?

15:05 – What is involved in the training to actually become a doula?

19:35 – Do you launch your course at specific times throughout the year? Or is it always open?

20:01 – What does the process look like if you are working as a birth doula with someone?

23:33 – And what would it looks like supporting someone through caesarian birth?

26:30 – Is a doula replacing a partner or another support person?

29:46 – What is the evidence to support that it’s beneficial to have a doula when you are giving birth?