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Episode 237: How to Have an Empowering Hospital Birth with Trish Ware, L&D Nurse

In today’s episode, Anita talks with L&D Nurse, Trish Ware, about her position as an L&D nurse, as well as how to have the most empowering hospital birth possible!
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Show Notes: 

0:55 – Anita’s Bump to Birth Method (self study)
2:50 – Who I am talking with today!
4:00 – What got Trish into L&D?
8:50 – How many patients is an L&D nurse working with at once?
10:02 – Is an L&D nurse there for an OB/GP or midwife?
11:53 – Birth preferences and plans
19:30 – Why your birthing partner needs to know your preferences and plans (and bringing them up early with everyone involved)
23:40 – Trish explains her passion for patient/student/client ability to choose to leave a practice
25:17 – What are all the different tasks an L&D nurse is doing during the entirety of labor and delivery?
29:32 – Does Trish feel like L&D nurses are as hands on as she would like to be?
32:27 – What difference does a prepared partner bring to the experience?
36:52 – Informed consent and informed refusal
42:34 – Have a question? Just ask!
47:27 – Pushing
53:02 – What does “hospital policy” mean?
55:46 – How can people connect with Trish?