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Episode 342: Why Speaking Up Matters with Naush Ansari

In today’s episode, Jessie talks with Naush Ansari – fitness and nutrition coach, pregnancy and postpartum fitness specialist, engineer, wife, and mother of 3 – about how we, as humans, run our businesses while the world is a very difficult place to exist in. When there are events happening in the world that are so horrific: what are we to do? How do we exist as fitness and health professionals, business owners and CEOs amidst it all? Naush talks with us about everything from communication and social media activism, to incorporating personal values into your business and marketing.

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Episode 338: Do You Need a Strong Pelvic Floor to Push Baby Out During Birth?

In today’s episode, we are busting a myth you may have heard if you have been pregnant: your pelvic floor needs to be strong in order to push your baby out! While it’s not a bad thing to have a strong pelvic floor, we discuss why it’s unnecessary for the birthing process, and go through the benefits of a strong pelvic floor – in postpartum and pregnancy! Consider this a little sneak preview to Anita’s Free Prenatal Pelvic Floor Masterclass!

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