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Episode 236: Top 10 Tips for working out with kids at home

In today’s episode, Jessie discusses simple and best practices to work out with kids around. Jessie has been using these tips to create a consistent, regular exercise routine in her life for 7 years.
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Show Notes: 

1:01 – What we are talking about today!

5:14 – Tip #1: Approach every workout with the mindset that you are going to be interrupted
6:21 – Tip #2: Break up the workout
7:42 – Tip #3: Do not change your clothes to exercise
8:19 – Tip #4: Exercise equipment stays out in plain view
9:15 – Tip #5: Snacks and screens
10:04 – Tip #6: Reset the boundaries with your toddlers or older kids again and again
11:27 – Tip #7: Get super realistic about your expectations for yourself (for the life you are living right now – what is ACTUALLY possible?)
12:48 – Tip #8: Know that the first few months of starting an exercise plan/program is sa learning curve…
14:58 – Tip #9: Practice working out when it is inconvenient
16:34 – Tip #10: If you are able, ask for more support…
18:03 – Rundown and Wrap