Episode 60: BEST OF TBAB for Doula Week! Episode 24 Role of the Doula with Bebo Mia

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Episode 60: BEST OF TBAB for Doula Week! Episode 24 Role of the Doula with Bebo Mia

Best of TBAB Episode 24: Role of the Doula with Bebo Mia

Today, we are talking with Bianca and Natasha, co-founders of bebo mia which offers training, mentorship, and community for your pregnancy, birth, and parenting biz!

Together, we discuss everything related to doulas: from social justice work around reproductive health, to what a doula brings with them for during a birth, and why you may want to have a fertility doula and even a postpartum doula!

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1). Website  – courses,  doula directory  – https://www.bebomia.com/

2).  Bebo  Mia Facebook  – https://www.facebook.com/bebomiainc/

3). Bebo  Mia Instagram  – https://www.instagram.com/bebomiainc/ 

Time Stamps:


0:56 – Why we are replaying episode 24 (pssst – it’s for Doula Week!)

1:52 – PFFT is Back!

3:24 – Today’s special guests introduction

5:40 – Bebo Mia’s social justice work around reproductive health

6:16 – Why Bianca and Natasha decided to become doulas

10:11 – Could you share what a birth doula is? And also: what is a postpartum doula?

13:47 – What is a fertility doula, and what support do they offer?

17:25 – What is involved in the training to actually become a doula?

21:55 – Do you launch your course at specific times throughout the year? Or is it always open?

22:21 – What does the process look like if you are working as a birth doula with someone?

25:53 – And what would it looks like supporting someone through caesarian birth?

28:50 – Is a doula replacing a partner or another support person?

32:06 – What is the evidence to support that it’s beneficial to have a doula when you are giving birth?

1:00:00 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond