Episode 67: How to Cope Without Intense Exercise Early Postpartum

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Episode 67: How to Cope Without Intense Exercise Postpartum

Today, we have a QUICK episode where Anita and Jessie answer a listener question about coping with the absence of intense exercise in early postpartum!

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Time Stamps:


0:05 – A word about this month’s sponsor: Earth Mama Organics!

1:34 – Today we are answering a question from our listener, Mel: For womxn who are really into fitness, how do you cope without it for the first 6 weeks postpartum?

3:51 – Jessie clarifies a piece of the question regarding going without fitness for the first 6 weeks postpartum.

6:49 – Consideration #1: What is YOUR motivation to move?

8:21 – Consideration #2: What does a good workout look like to you?

12:06 – Peeling back the motivational factor behind the need to work out intensely.

14:26 – Episode wrap up!

15:24 – On the next episode of TBAB…