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Episode 168: 10 Guidelines for Post-Pregnancy Running

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Episode 168: 10 Guidelines for Post-Pregnancy Running


In today’s podcast episode, Jessie and Anita outline their top 10 guidelines to get running post-pregnancy.

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Resources and References:

Ready, Get Set Program


Show Notes:

1:00 – ANNOUNCING: “Ready, Get Set” program is open for enrolment (postpartum running plan)

3:00 – What we are talking about on today’s episode!

4:37 – #1: You’ll want to have your medical provider clear you for returning to exercise postpartum

12:21 – #2: General recommendation is to start back into postpartum running after 12 week/3 month postpartum timeline

15:16 – #3: Your post pregnancy/birth lochia has ended, and does not return with your increase in running or other activities

16:11 – #4: Sleep 6-7+ hours in a 24 hour period

17:23 – #5: We want running to feel supportive to your mental health

18:56 – #6: Your core strength is gaining over time

20:16 – #7: Your diastasis recti is experiencing more healing/more support over time and during running

21:20 – #8: Urinary/fecal incontinence is feeling well-managed or supported during your running

23:17 – #9: If you are experiencing or have pelvic organ prolapse, your symptoms are feeling well managed/supported during the running, itself