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Episode 87: The 4 Pillars to Post-Pregnancy Fitness Training

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Episode 87: The 4 Pillars to Post-Pregnancy Fitness Training 

Today, we talk about the 4 most important considerations for fitness professionals and their clients during post-pregnancy training.

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Resources and References:

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Time Stamps:

3:35 – Introduction to today’s topic: the pillars of postpartum exercise!

4:35 – Pillar #1: Progressive

8:05 – Pillar #2: Cueing

12:00 – Do you need to cue the pelvic floor on every rep?

15:05 – Pillar #3: The four Ps for the postpartum person to consider if each exercise is good for them – Peeing, Pain, Pressure, and Peaking

18:37 – Pillar #4: The WAIT acronym – Whole body, Alignment, Inhales and exhales, Tension

23:12 – Wrap up