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Episode 86: 5 Key Aspects to Consider When Coaching Postpartum People

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Episode 86: 5 key aspects to consider when coaching postpartum people 

On today’s podcast, we talk about considerations for coaches, healthcare practitioners, and postpartum people in their journey as postpartum people!

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Resources and References:

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Time Stamps:

2:50 – Anita and Jessie just met in person for the first time EVER!

3:55 – Who today’s show is for.

4:50 – #1 (directed at fitness and health professionals): What do we need to consider when coaching, treating, or working with postpartum people?

9:00 – Race and the birth experience (listen to our deep dive on Episode 79: Black Maternal Healthcare and Reproductive Rights, with Tekara Gainey)

10:49 – #2: What are people coming to Anita as a practitioner for? Why do they want to hire her? Why do they want to come into her practice? And then the same questions directed to Jessie!

14:30 – #3: The WHY behind the goal(s) a client might have. Why is this important to them? Why is this goal something they want to do? How do they think it will change their life in some way?

18:17 – #4: What privileges does this person have afforded to them? What layers of marginalization or oppression is this person affected by?

23:42 – #5: Helping womxn in our businesses and considering the whiteness of our feminism.

27:55 – Recap!