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Ep 17: All About Hormones with Dr. Maryska Taylor

by Jun 5, 20180 comments

Episode 17: All About Hormones with Dr. Maryska Taylor

In today’s episode we interview – for the second time – Dr. Maryska Taylor, a naturopathic doctor out of Turks and Caicos. We talk all things hormones – before, during, and after pregnancy – including lab tests, balancing hormones naturally, and high/low libido!

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Time Stamps:

1:12 – Introduction to Dr. Maryska Taylor!

2:29 – When we talk about hormones, what are we ACTUALLY talking about?

3:32 – What are some of the major things that can cause our hormones to go out of whack?

4:45 – When we say hormonal imbalance, what does that mean?

5:36 – Are there natural ways to balance hormones? And what does it MEAN to naturally balance them?

7:15 – What are times in our lives where hormones naturally go out of whack, and what do you think is most important for pregnant or new moms to know about those times specifically?

9:10 – Hormones in the “4th Trimester”

11:01 – When is a good time to see a naturopath for hormone balancing after birth?

13:30 – Is there anything we can do or want to do to support estrogen and progesterone in the time directly post birth, or should we leave it be?

15:28 – What is estrogen dominance?

17:38 – Should we want to, how can we increase libido post birth, and what might cause that to decline?

21:00 – What would be the differences if someone comes to you to balance their hormones vs. their general practitioner? (and what Dr. Taylor uses)

24:54 – Why can libido in pregnancy really ramp up for people?

26:50 – Perimenopause and menopause: can you explain a little more what that means, and what the differences are?

28:08 – If a client has more balanced hormones going into peri- and menopause, is it a smoother transition?

31:45 – Thyroid lab testing postpartum: Why is it not always correct?

35:16 – What else – in addition to TSH – should we be looking at as markers on our thyroid lab tests?

36:25 – What are your favorite hormone-balancing supplements and lifestyle habits?

38:03 – Can you exercise TOO much?

39:55 – On the next episode…