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Episode 74: Abortion Doula Care with Aysha Bisimwa Ali

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Episode 74: Abortion Doula Care with Aysha Bisimwa Ali


On today’s episode, Jessie speaks with Aysha Bisimwa Ali all about her work as a full-spectrum doula – especially when it comes to the abortion doula experience!

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0:56 – Core + Floor Restore Program is 32% off for Jessie Mundell 

2:42 – Introduction to Aysha Bisimwa Ali and the work that she does (encompassing all parts of reproductive health)!

6:51 – So what IS a full-spectrum doula?

9:30 – Let’s talk about the work of an abortion doula. What does that support look like?

11:52 – How does Aysha feel in those spaces? Are medical providers open to her being there as an abortion doula?

13:27 – How does the collective of doulas that Aysha is a part of work?

15:19 – There is this assumption that all people who are going to have an abortion are feeling conflicted, shameful, guilty for what they are doing. That’s just not the truth! Aysha expands on this.

19:20 – Unlearning elitism and checking biases in this supportive work.

22:10 – What if there are barriers to abortion services?

28:42 – What do costs look like for someone seeking abortion doula support?

30:38 – Where can we find out more about Aysha?

31:19 – On the next episode of the To Birth and Beyond Podcast…