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Best of TBAB – Episode 147: Prepare for Postpartum During Pregnancy

by Nov 3, 20200 comments

Episode 147: BEST OF – Prepare for Postpartum During Pregnancy

In today’s episode, Jessie and Anita talk about preparing for postpartum life while still pregnant in order for the possibility to recover quickly, and find more ease in the process!

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Show Notes:

3:12  – What we are talking about today!

3:49 – Looking back, what we wish we knew about postpartum recovery before giving birth!

11:24 – Did your doctor recommend a LOT of kegels?

13:14 – Addressing your cesarean scar postpartum.

18:34 – On vaginal scarring.

21:39 – How mobility and strength training in pregnancy can help postpartum recovery (as well as the demands of motherhood).

31:18 – Do you have a plan in place or an idea of who will be supporting you postpartum?