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Episode 198: How to Have Better Poops with Aliya Dhalla

by | Oct 5, 2021 | 0 comments

Episode 198: How to Have Better Poops with Aliya Dhalla


In today’s episode, Jessie talks about all things pooping, constipation and the pelvic floor with pelvic health physiotherapist, Aliya Dhalla!

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Resources and References:


Jessie’s Core Connection Workshop:

Aliya’s Website:

Aliya’s Instagram:


Show Notes:


1:00 – An upcoming live workshop specifically to our fitness and health professionals

3:10 – Introduction to today’s special guest and what we will be talking about (plus, WHY we need to talk about it)!

8:08 – Defining constipation

9:40 – What are clients and patients telling Aliya about their poop that makes her think adjustments need to be made?

13:56 – How is the pelvic floor related to pooping?

16:18 – How chronically holding tension in the pelvic floor muscles impacts our pooping

20:28 – Advice Aliya gives for better, easier pooping

25:00 – Recap of the 5 tips for easier pooping

25:20 – Some general food tips for better poop

28:33 – Parting words from Aliya (a couple quick tips for the first couple of poops following a vaginal birth or c-section)