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Episode 269: Benefits, Plus How to Use a Birth Ball in Pregnancy

by Jan 17, 20230 comments

Episode 269: Benefits, plus how to use a birth ball in pregnancy

 In today’s episode, Anita is talking about how to use a birth ball in pregnancy (No, they aren’t just for birthing!)

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Resources and references


1:11 – Promo for Anita’s Bump to Birth Method
1:46 – LIVE WORKSHOP January 22: Prepare You and Your Pelvic Floor for Pushing
2:46 – What we are talking about today!
3:30 – Is a birth ball the same as an exercise ball? Other specifications and where to find them
6:03 – Intro: Ways to use the birth ball in pregnancy
6:30 – Using a birth ball for sitting
8:02 – Using a birth ball to kneel on
9:20 – Using a birth ball for Child’s Pose, leaning on the ball
10:04 – Using a birth ball Child’s Pose stretch with the ball (for your shoulders)
11:32 – Using a birth ball for a back bend
13:12 – Using a birth ball for deep lunges
14:50 – Wrap up