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Episode 63: Birth Control and Your Hormones with Dr. Brooke

by | Apr 16, 2019 | 0 comments

Episode 63: Birth Control and Your Hormones with Dr. Brooke

Today, we talk with Dr. Brooke about all things birth control (for you AND your partner)!
We discuss the pill, IUDs, and other methods including the vasectomy.

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Resources and References:

1). Jessie’s Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy is now open for registration until Tuesday, April 23rd: see HERE.

2). Dr. Brooke’s Lab Guide: see HERE.

3). 17 FREE bonuses for pre-orders of Dr. Brooke and Sarah Fragoso’s upcoming boo, Hangry: see HERE.


Time Stamps:

2:26 – Introduction to today’s special guest!

6:51 – What are people coming to work on with Brooke in her private practice?

10:02 – Birth control pill methods, how they support hormone function, and what potential impacts they have on hormone balance and more.

21:12 – Anita tells her early period and birth control offer story – and Dr. Brooke talks about why folx might have an earlier period (beef tallow??)!

26:11 – Blood test accuracy…

29:07 – If someone is on the pill, what can they do to best support their health?

33:26 – IUDs…And Jessie’s copper IUD story!

43:21 – Other options for birth control!

48:22 – Permanent methods of birth control – including vasectomies.

56:31 – Is an OBGYN the best person to be speaking to about our options for birth control?

1:00:42 – HANGRY, Dr. Brooke’s new book!

1:03:09 – Where can we find Dr. Brooke?

1:04:29 – On the next episode of TBAB…