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Episode 228: Reflecting on 3 Birth Experiences with Andrea Schleibaum

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Episode 228: Reflecting on 3 Birth Experiences with Andrea Schleibaum

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Andrea Schleibaum about her different experiences birthing three children – including why and what changed in her approach from baby #1 to baby #3. Andrea is a physical therapist and opening her new practice, Bloom Pelvic PT in September 2022 in Beverly, Massachusetts. Andrea is happy to connect any new or expecting moms in the area to answer any questions they have!
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Show Notes:

0:55 – Enrolment for the group option of The Bump to Birth Method Program is now OPEN!
4:03 – Introduction to our special guest and episode topic!
6:12 – What did Andrea’s first and second pregnancies feel like?
7:20 – How did preparing for birth go for Andrea’s first two?
14:00 – How was postpartum with each of Andrea’s first two?
17:40 – How was Andrea’s third pregnancy different than the previous two?
21:40 – What helped Andrea prepare for her induction?
23:53 – Did spontaneous pushing feel different from first to third birth?
25:19 – What has recovery #3 been like?
27:05 – What advice would Andrea give someone birthing for the first time? And what advice would she give people having subsequent births?
30:10 – Wrap up