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Episode 272: Birth Mindset and Language Adjustments with Madison Cleckler

by Feb 7, 20230 comments

Episode 272: Birth mindset and language adjustments with madison cleckler

In today’s episode, Jessie chats with Madison Cleckler about all things birth mindset, and how to have conversations about birth with our pregnant clients and patients. If you work in any fitness, exercise, coaching, or health modality, this will be a really key discussion for you. We discuss how we consider language we use with clients and patients around bith, so they can feel better prepared for what comes up around birth, but mostly how we can stay supportive figures for them.

* This is a conversation taken straight from Jessie’s Prenatal Fitness Specialist Academy course, so enjoy this behind-the-scenes peek into what kind of education you receive in the pregnancy and postpartum coaching certification!

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Resources and references

Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy – enroling soon!
Madison Cleckler – Fitness Doula


1:01 – What we are talking about today (a conversation straight from our
3:36 – Introduction to Madison Cleckler and the subject we are talking about!
5:51 – Madison introduces herself!
7:18 – How does Madison work with clients?
9:52 – Is the “training for birth” prenatal exercise messaging accurate and useful? How does Madison navigate this with clients?
13:08 – How problematic commentary on pregnant bodies can be
16:32 – “Natural Birth” – What it means, and what our language around it means
24:17 – With the folks that Madison works with, what does “preparing physically for birth” mean?
27:45 – What is Spinning Babies? Madison gives us the details
30:34 – How does Madison help prepare clients mentally and emotionally for birth – and what happens after?
35:49 – For those who are not doulas or child birth educators, but we are working with pregnant clients or patients, what else could we do OR what should we avoid in supporting as they go through birth? 38:42 – What are the other professionals Madison tends to refer out to most often with her prenatal clients?
39:54 – Madison’s parting words