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Episode 220: Perineal Massage to Prepare for Birth with Kate Roddy

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Episode 220: Perineal Massage to prepare for birth with kate roddy

Today, Anita talks with fellow pelvic health physiotherapist, Kate Roddy, all about perineal massage to prepare your pelvic floor for birth!

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Show Notes:

 2:47 – What we are talking about on today’s episode!

3:38 – What is perineal massage? And what do we need it?
12:38 – Benefits of perineal massage
15:17 – How to give yourself a perineal massage (and a ritual that includes breathing and music)
21:08 – Kate discusses the Kegel Release Curve™️ tool to make perineal massage easier
25:31 – Setting the environment and planning
29:23 – How to employ perineal massage postpartum
44:29 – If I’ve given birth before, and stitches weren’t quite right/it didn’t heal quite properly, will perineal massage help?
47:10 – Wrap up