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Episode 104: Birth Stories and Preparing For Labour with Jen Kuenzel

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Episode 104: Birth Stories and Preparing For Labour with Jen Kuenzel

In today’s episode, Anita talks with special guest, Jen Kuenzel, about her birth preparation and experiences!

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Resources and References:

Anita’s Bump to Birth online course – Prepare you, your pelvic floor and core for birth.

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Time Stamps:

2:39 – Intro to our guest today: Jen Kuenzel!

4:34 – How did she feel physically, mentally, and emotionally during her first pregnancy?

9:16 – What are additional ways she prepared for her birth?

15:20 – Jen shares her first birth experience.

23:42 – How Jen felt – physically, mentally, and emotionally – in her second pregnancy.

32:33 – What were some additional steps Jen took to prepare for birth #2?

34:47 – Jen shares about her experience with having a doula.

40:28 – Jen’s experience articulating her birth concerns with her partner.

42:30 – How did she prepare her body for this second birth – similarly and differently from her first?

49:23 – How was Jen’s second birth experience, and tools she used to manage it?

1:06:14 – What advice would Jen give parents going into birth?