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Ep 21: Birth Trauma with Amy Dawes

by Jul 3, 20180 comments

Episode 21: Birth Trauma with Amy Dawes

On today’s episode, we talk all things birth trauma with Amy Dawes – a mother, qualified personal trainer, and co-founder of the Australian Birth Trauma Association.

After her own experience through birth trauma following the arrival of her first child, Amy has been on a mission to educate and inform others on this topic locally and globally.

We speak about the physical and psychological aspects of birth trauma and why it’s essential for medical professionals, birthing people, and partners to have this information.

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Resources and References:

1.) Australian Birth Trauma Association –


Time Stamps:

1:04 – Introducing Amy Dawes and the topic of Birth Trauma

4:37 – What is birth trauma and what are some common symptoms?

9:30 – What percentage of moms experience birth trauma?

10:52 – What is the mission of the Birth Trauma Association? How are they helping to support moms in their work and services?

14:27 – Does the Birth Trauma Association talk to care providers about how they approach identifying and/or talking through trauma?

18:50 – Amy tells us more about her experience after baby that took her down this road of working in the area of birth trauma

23:01 – What was Amy’s second pregnancy like in preparing and thinking about postpartum? What did that feel like for her following her first experience?

27:15 – How was choosing an elective C-Section for Amy?

28:44 – What can moms do for themselves – especially in the early postnatal period – to seek support if they think or they know they are experiencing birth trauma?

30:51 – What does Amy recommend for the health professionals in the audience who might be working with a mom postpartum and suspecting birth trauma is being experienced for that person?

32:23 – Where can we learn more about Amy and the Australian Birth Trauma Association?

34:47 – On the next episode…