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Episode 16: Your Body After Baby with Dr. Gillian Sawyer

by | May 29, 2018 | 1 comment

Episode 16: Your Body After Baby with Dr. Gillian Sawyer

In today’s episode, we interview Dr. Gillian Sawyer, prenatal and postnatal chiropractor out of Calgary, Alberta. We cover her experience following the births of both of her babies (and how they were different), as well as ALL aspects of figuring out your body after baby and how to advocate for yourself during and after pregnancy!

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Resources and References:

1). Website – → “Work With Me”, to find out more information on working with Dr. Gillian. 

2). Instagram and Facebook – @DrGillianSawyer. 

3). Your Body After Baby Program discount link (50% off for listeners!) – GO HERE

Time Stamps:

1:32 – Introduction to our guest: Gillian Sawyer!

3:24 – Do people respond in fear to Gillian’s message about the realities of postpartum and motherhood life?

4:02 – What was Gillian’s experience with body after baby following baby #1 vs. baby #2?

5:24 – What does she wish she knew about her body following her first birth that she didn’t?

7:53 – What was physical recovery like after baby #1 and baby #2? What did she do differently?

9:28 – Since having her two little ones, how has how she works with moms changed?

10:50 – For the expectant mothers: What professionals should be part of every mom’s postpartum support dream team?

12:32 – Tips for the postpartum mamas

13:08 – What are people coming to a chiropractor postpartum for?

15:20 – If she were to go through pregnancy again, what would she change to make her pregnancy feel even more supported in her whole life, in her whole body?

16:18 – Gillian fills us in on her online program

17:50 – What was the difference between what her body meant to her after baby #1 and baby #2, and what led her to create this program?

20:16 – Putting the focus on my own health care on me and being an advocate for myself

25:20 – Touching on the informed consent process during pregnancy – advocacy while pregnant

28:55 – Where can you find/work with Gillian?

31:22 – On the next episode…