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Episode 298: How to Feel More Confident in Your Body at the Gym

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Episode 298: How to Feel More Confident in YouR Body at the Gym

In today’s episode, Jessie and Anita talk about how to feel more comfortable in your body in the gym and other fitness spaces. We will go over 4 tips that could be helpful to you to feel better in your body there – as well as to help others feel better in their bodies!

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0:55 – Strong in 20: Jessie’s Free, LIVE, pelvic floor workout on August 15!
2:31 – What we are talking about today!
3:12 – Tip #1: The reality is that fitness/gym spaces are not going to be fat OR body positive
8:00 – Tip #2: Focus on YOURSELF, only
9:34 – Tip #3: We often need to practice showing up with confidence in our bodies in certain spaces – it’s not just going to happen
12:32 – Tip #4: If/when you feel ready, you absolutely can speak to the gym staff about what you are experiencing in that space
14:45 – Recap and wrap up!