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Episode 34: Body Image, Race, Racism and Intersectional Feminism with Chrissy King

by Oct 2, 20180 comments

Episode 34: Body Image, Race, Racism, and Intersectional Feminism with Chrissy King

Today we talk with special guest, Chrissy King, all about the strength training journey, body image, race, racism, and intersectional feminism. I would LOVE to say that we covered it all, but we just got the tip of the iceberg!

Take a listen for a little crash course from our brilliant guest, and stay tuned for future episodes alongside her!

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Resources and References:

Instagram/Twitter: @iamchrissyking

Time Stamps:

1:21 – Who is Chrissy King?

4:16 – Chrissy tells us how she found strength training initially, and how it changed her relationship with her body.

7:51 – “Being your own best hype woman,” what does that mean to Chrissy? And loving your body in the moment.

13:36 – Discussing Chrissy blog post: “Our Life’s Purpose Is Not To Shrink.”

19:24 – What we are complimented on being “brave” about. And peoples’ reaction of “shock and aw that this is still happening” regarding racism in action.

23:52 – On apologizing for your body.

28:46 – “Confidence is an inside job.” How so, and how do you build confidence?

32:49 –  On changing the face of the fitness industry when it comes to race.

36:44 – On Intersectional Feminism, discomfort, and being an ally.

40:32 – Where you can find Chrissy King and her work!

41:37 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…