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Episode 28: Breastfeeding 101, with Lactation Consultant Taya Griffin

by | Aug 21, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 28: Breastfeeding 101 with Lactation Consultant Taya Griffin

Today, we are talking with our good friend and Lactation Consultant, Taya Griffin all things breastfeeding!

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Resources and References:

Taya  Griffin,  I.B.C.L.C,  Lactation Consultant  –



  • Many  resources  mentioned by  Taya in the episode  can be found through her  website under “RESOURCES”

Time Stamps:

1:12 – Introducing our special guest: Taya Griffin

4:43 – How does a lactation consultant work with clients? And how to prepare for breastfeeding before birth.

9:36 – How would a mom know if there is an issue with latching?

12:35 – What about tongue ties and lip ties? Pros? Cons? Thoughts?

21:41 – What are some tips that could actually help with milk production?

29:04 – What about the other side of the coin: oversupply?

32:20 – On-demand feeding and scheduled feeding, especially in the first few weeks: why do so many care providers suggest a schedule? What’s best?

38:05 – How do I transition feeding and pumping for when baby is sleeping in longer stretches?

44:10 – Before you plan to return to work, how early should you start pumping and storing?

50:06 – When should I stop Googling and consulting and just get to a lactation consultant? – for first time moms

51:53 – Is there specific online information you feel that pregnant moms should ingest ahead of time to prepare for breastfeeding?

55:34 – What are fees like regarding lactation consulting?

58:44 – What is the training like to become a lactation consultant? The exam?

1:01:00 – Where can our listeners find you?

1:02:42 – The weaning process

1:07:39 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…