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Episode 278: From Bump to Birth Method to Recovery – Rachel’s Birth Story

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Episode 278: from bump to birth method, to recovery – rachel’s birth story

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Rachel, who just went through the Bump to Birth program when preparing for her first birth. We’ll discuss Rachel’s pregnancy journey, birth experience, and where she is today!
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Resources and references


0:55 – Bump to Birth Method Self-Study is open for enrolment!

2:48 – Anita introduces her special guest, Rachel Spillman!
4:08 – Rachel shares more about herself and her family
5:50 – How did Rachel feel physically, mentally and emotionally in her pregnancy?
12:04 – What were the steps Rachel took to prepare for giving birth?
15:48 – Mobility as a complement to strength in birth prep
18:03 – What types of birth stories and recommendations/suggestions was Rachel subject to?
22:13 – Changing your experience through decreasing fear, naming things what they are, and hiring a team
23:40 – How all the pieces fit together into Rachel’s birth experience – and zoning in vs zoning out
32:15 – How was pushing for Rachel?
37:36 – Nobody knows what your body wants except you – and movement in birth
39:16 – How was after birth recovery, initially? (including conversation around tongue tie)
54:11 – Wrap up – with some advice for expecting (and soon-to-be) expecting parents out there!