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Episode 339: C-Section Scar Mobilization with Amanda Fisher

by May 14, 20240 comments

Episode 339: C-Section Scar Mobilization with Amanda Fisher

In today’s episode, Jessie talks with Amanda Fisher all about C-Section scare mobilization: what it is, how to do it (as a patient OR practitioner), and when! This is the audio of a special webinar, that until today, was only available to Jessie’s PFSA clients. Enjoy!

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Show Notes 

0:55 – Grab the replay of Jessie’s Core Connection Workshop!

2:14 – An introduction to today’s special guest!

5:58 – How Amanda’s approach to training C-Section moms and parents has changed over the last few years

10:14 – What IS C-Section scar mobilization?

14:00 – On rewiring the brain post C-Section

15:24 – Is there research on C-Section scar mobilization? Or are we using research from other parts of the body?

17:28 – Signs or symptoms that someone might experience post C-Section that scar mobilization would be helpful for

21:41 – Is there anyone that Amanda would NOT recommend scar mobilization to?

24:20 – Amanda talks through some of her workflow and techniques she uses when working with clients

29:28 – 6 weeks does not automatically heal you from a C-Section (it’s major abdominal surgery!)

32:40 – Healing vertical incision scars

34:00 – When we talk about C-Section scar mobilization, we are also talking about body movement! (for all of our exercise professionals out there)

37:58 – How does Amanda recommend fitness/exercise professionals work with their clients to heal their C-Section scars if they can’t be hands on the body?

42:18 – Episode wrap up!