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Episode 78: Cancer, Mothering and Marriage with Snaige Zahn

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Episode 78: Cancer, Mothering, and Marriage with Snaige ZAHN 

On this week’s episode, Jessie sits down with her friend from university to talk with her about all things mothering and marriage with a cancer diagnosis. Instagram: @snaige_an_unexpected_journey

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Resources and References:

Instagram: @snaige_an_unexpected_journey 

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Time Stamps:

56:19 – Postnatal Fitness Summit LIVE – just a few tickets left!

3:30 – Introduction to our special guest: Snaige Zahn!

4:42 – How Jessie and Snaige got back in touch after university

5:58 – Snaige talks us through her cancer diagnosis

10:15 – How Snaige handled cancer through the fourth trimester

12:00 – Snaige’s treatment journey

19:52 – Breastfeeding – and being forced to stop

22:20 – More on Snaige’s treatment journey

27:13 – How Snaige’s community has rallied – and accepting/asking for help!

31:00 – What came next in her treatment journey?

32:12 – Getting back to work and avoiding judgment and pity

35:36 – Cancer free!

36:00 – Was Snaige working full days when she went back to work?

38:45 – Snaige got the ALL CLEAR…how did that go? How did it feel? What happened next?

41:15 – June 2018: the cancer came back – and Snaige was told it’s incurable

43:38 – How this affected her marriage and journey – both public and private

56:10 – Snaige’s most recent prognosis and next steps

59:42 – What mothering is like for Snaige, currently

1:04:05 – What is Snaige’s marriage like right now?

1:08:53 – How does Snaige manage her mental and emotional health through all of this? 

1:10:18 – Where is Snaige physically, mentally and emotionally right NOW?