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Ep 07: Cesarean Birth Recovery

by Mar 27, 20180 comments

Episode 07: Cesarean Birth Recovery

In today’s show, we talk through the physical, mental, and emotional factors that can go into Cesarean birth recovery. Jessie gives insight into her own personal experience through this, with her first baby’s birth. 

Often, C-section moms are basically left with nothing. NO advice when they leave the hospital. So, today we will be covering useful recovery tips, what to do in the immediate postpartum period, as well as in the continuing weeks and months. The advice you needed, with clinical counsel from Anita, mixed with life experience tips from Jessie!

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References and Resources:

1) Exercising After C-Section? Read This First – Read Here

2) Cesarean Scar Massage – Read Here.

3) 4-Minute C-Section Scar Massage Tutorial – Read Here.

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Time Stamps:

1:21 – C-section moms are left with nothing

2:32 – Jessie’s recovery experience overview

3:32 – Anita’s work with C-section moms

5:36 – Immediate postpartum recovery needs

10:40 – Do NOT be afraid to ask people to help you in your comfort and putting support in place ahead of time

13:50 – Stay on top of your pain killers…and mesh underwear

15:52 – Compression items: do they help in recovery?

21:00 – Jessie’s experience with infection in the C-section scar

25:58 – Scar care

28:55 – The mental and emotional aspects of C-section scars

30:39 – The return to movement and exercise after C-section

36:36 – Mental and emotional healing

39:36 – Second birth decisions

43:38 – Episode summary

44:36 – On our next episode…