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Ep 20: Choosing an Elective C-Section

by | Jun 26, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 20: Choosing an Elective C-Section

On today’s episode, we talk all things regarding C-Sections, specifically planned elective C-Sections. We talk preparing your home, body, mind, and LIFE for baby, as well as decisions made along the way…and after!

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Resources and References:

Core + Floor Restore

To Pregnancy and Beyond


Time Stamps:

1:02 – Elective C-Sections – why we are talking about them! And Jessie’s story.

3:00 – What is SO key in this personal decision, and ALL of the factors!

5:50 – What does “safest option” mean?

6:45 – Jessie’s own process of decision-making in this second pregnancy

11:47 – Are there situations where a C-Section would be recommended over a vaginal birth because of someone’s pelvic floor health?

15:23 – Is there anything that might be helpful for the abdominal wall and pelvic floor in preparation for C-Section?

17:03 – Let’s talk about prep leading up to the surgery! – mental and emotional support INCLUDED (especially!)

27:15 – Considerations to talk with your OB about in advance

36:22 – Skin-to-skin: Can babies do this directly following C-Section?

37:06 – Let’s talk recovery: How does Jessie think it will differ from last time?

40:06 – Scar care

45:02 – Returning to movement

47:56 – Jessie has put together a great postpartum restorative/rehab exercise program – whether you have a vaginal or C-Section birth – and you can get it ahead of birth to go over it!

49:00 – A note on babywearing

51:14 – Thanks, and what’s up on our next episode!