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Episode 199: Why I Chose an Amniocentesis

by | Oct 12, 2021 | 0 comments

Episode 199: Why I Chose an Amniocentesis


In today’s episode, Jessie talks about her decision to have an amniocentesis in her second pregnancy.

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Jessie’s Core Connection Workshop:


Show Notes:


1:35 – What we are talking about today

2:15 – Jessie looks back on her own story

3:25 – Jessie explains why finding out about her second pregnancy was such a difficult time

8:34 – What led Jessie and her spouse to an Amniocentesis

12:26 – How Jessie felt following the decision 

13:50 – How the Amniocentesis went/felt

15:28 – A message to the parents considering decisions like this

16:22 – Wrap up