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Episode 77: When Your Clothes Don’t Fit

by Jul 23, 20190 comments

Episode 77: When your clothes don’t fit

Today we are talking about what happens when your clothes don’t fit, specifically as it relates to postpartum.

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Time Stamps:

1:30 – Postpartum messaging regarding “body goals”

2:27 – Where do we go mentally and emotionally when inundated with this messaging?

3:30 – Here’s what I want us to talk about/realize when our clothes don’t fit…

5:10 – Addressing the lack of control postpartum – and how body composition could be seen as something we could control.

7:00 – What happens when we don’t fit into those clothes anymore? What does it mean for you? 9:15 – What it means for Jessie now, compared to what it would have meant before.

11:47 – Can we give ourselves grace here?

12:44 – Maybe the clothes will never fit your body ever again. And then what?

14:10 – Examine the discomfort, and talk with yourself, because this body is your home. And it’s time to be at peace with it!