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Episode 51: Critical Thought about Community and Empowerment with Allison Tenney

by | Jan 29, 2019 | 0 comments

Episode 51:Critical Thought about Community and Empowerment with Allison Tenney

On today’s episode of To Birth and Beyond, we talk with Allison Tenney, an online fitness professional and organizer of the Ignited Womxn Summit! We tackle a few shifts that the fitness industry is in desperate need of – ALL areas and industries, to be frank – and how perspective changes have affected Allison’s parenting, business, life, and sometimes, her ego.

Allison also shares the details for the upcoming 3rd Ignited Womxn Summit in Seattle, including how it evolved into the full day phenomenon that it is today! Grab your tickets now – sales end on 2/1!

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Resources and References:

FULL information on the Ignited Womxn Summit:

Tickets on sale through 2/1


Time Stamps:

1:00 – Introduction to our topic and guest!

2:46 – What does life and work look like for Allison in 2019?

3:45 – How Allison’s perspective and work within the fitness industry shifted in the last handful of years – and how feedback has affected her Ignited Womxn Summit

8:37 – Narrow-mindedness in the fitness industry – and how the summit has been expanded to address this

12:33 – The goals (and some details) of the Allison’s summit

14:18 – Let’s talk about empowerment – what does it mean, are we actually doing this, and for WHOM are we doing it?

16:39 – Let’s talk about creating community in the fitness and online spaces…

18:49 – Allison talks about the feedback she received following year 1 of running her summit and how she initially felt about the feedback.

21:03 – How Allison’s experience and learning over the last few years has influenced changes in her parenting.

24:51 – How are we talking about – and tackling – these issues as white womxn?

26:38 – More details on who is coming in – and what kind of discussions – will be had at the Ignited Womxn Summit!

31:03 – Who is the Ignited Womxn Summit for?

34:10 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…