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Episode 264: Getting Started with Connecting to Your Pelvic Floor and Core in Pregnancy and for Birth

by Dec 13, 20220 comments

Episode 264: getting started with connecting to your pelvic floor and core in pregnancy and for birth

In today’s episode, Anita talks about how to connect to your core and pelvic floor in pregnancy and for birth. This is step one in Anita’s work with patients, as well as step one in her Bump to Birth Method Program!

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Show Notes:

0:55 – The self study version of Anita’s Bump to Birth Method is available to you, now!
2:50 – What we are talking about today!
6:18 – Where are your pelvic floor muscles and what is your core canister?
9:25 – Use the core canister breath (which goes by many names)
15:54 – Learn how to relax and lengthen your pelvic floor with your breath – specifically when it comes to labour and birth
22:00 – Review and wrap up