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Episode 208: Constipation Part 2

by | Dec 7, 2021 | 0 comments

Episode 208: Constipation pt 2

Today, Jessie and Anita talk about what could affect digestion, causing constipation, and how to remedy it!

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Show Notes:


0:55 – Jessie’s To Pregnancy and Beyond Foundations is now available!

3:03 – What we talked about in part one, and what we are looking forward to talking about in part two today!

4:18 – How the impacts of stress can wreak havoc on your digestion and constipation, and what it might feel like for you in your body

8:22 – Impacts of clothing on digestion and pooping

12:30 – Pooping and digestion as it relates to your menstrual cycle (if you are a person who has a cycle at this time)

14:37 – Calling back to the 5 tips to help you along with your constipation from Constipation part 1 (episode 198)!

15:50 – Stool softeners and laxatives