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Episode 114: COVID-19 Pregnancy, Labour, and Postpartum

by Mar 31, 20200 comments

Episode 114: COVID-19 Pregnancy, Labour, and Postpartum

On today’s episode, Dr. Kate Gerster, an obstetrician from Ontario talks with Anita and answers your questions about COVID-19 in relation to pregnancy, labour, and postpartum.

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Resources and References:

Free guide: 3 misconceptions when preparing your pelvic floor for birth (and what to do instead)
Instagram: @Evolvewomenshealthcare

Time Stamps:

1:58 – What today’s episode is all about

4:51 – Dr. Kate Gerster introduces herself!

6:15 – Are there risks for my baby if I get COVID-19 while I’m pregnant?

7:45 – Are there different precautions I should take in my third trimester?

9:32 – I’m due at the end of May, should I have fear going to the hospital because of COVID-19?

12:11 – I’ve heard some people are not having in-person prenatal visits anymore, and that they are all going online…is this likely to happen everywhere?

14:49 – I was supposed to have a doula at my birth, but the new rule at my hospital is that only one person can be with me at my birth. Is this typical at most hospitals?

17:18 – I am six months pregnant – if I get the flu or COVID-19, how should I take care of myself safely?

18:23 – Are grandparents allowed to visit my baby at home?

19:40 – Should someone be actively trying to become pregnant or pursuing fertility treatment right now?

22:04 – What are some *new* precautions with in-person appointments?

23:57 – What are precautions for vaginal or cesarean births during this pandemic?

26:33 – Will hospital stays be shortened, and subsequent appointments and tests be changed?

27:44 – If this gets worse, is there a chance that epidurals won’t be as easily available?

28:30 – Are hospital tours still happening?

29:40 – Any word about having dads in the room with C-sections?

30:55 – I am planning a homebirth. I had been planning on having someone to come and care of my toddler during the birth. What are your recommendations around this?

32:20 – Wrap up!