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Episode 83: The Decision To Have – Or Not Have – Another Baby

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Episode 83: The decision to have – or not have – another baby

Today, Jessie talks through her decision to have a second child: what went through her mind before and after finding out she was pregnant, all the way up to birth.

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Time Stamps:

00:58 – Brand new, FREEBIE in the show notes: Postnatal Consultation Form!

3:10 – What we are talking about on the episode today!

4:44 – Jessie’s decision journey!

17:12 – Making a decision WITH fear and uncertainty

18:18 – Jessie’s thoughts the day Theo was born

20:18 – The right decision for you!

22:30 – How that experience shaped Jessie

24:34 – If you need an ear on this, message Jessie on Facebook!