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Episode 80: The Relationship Between Diastasis Recti and Body Image

by | Aug 13, 2019 | 0 comments


Episode 80: The Relationship between diastasis recti and body image

In today’s solo episode, Jessie talks about the importance that we put on a diastasis recti diagnosis in relation to our body image.

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Resources and References:

Podcast – Episode 003:  Diastasis Recti – The Myths and the Facts

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Time Stamps:

4:07- Introduction to today’s subject: the relationship between diastasis recti and postpartum body image.

4:57 – What IS diastasis recti?

11:09 – What does it mean for the diastasis to be healed?

14:15 – Conversation around diastasis in the fitness and recovery industries – and how/why fear is left out of that conversation.

16:52 – How a diagnosis of diastasis recti is reassuring for some.

17:55 – Our preoccupation with “thinness” and concentration on core work postpartum.
22:15 – What Jessie wants listeners to really, truly trust in.

24:22 – Message to practitioners who are listening in…