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Episode 81: Diet Culture and Nutrition Coaching with Aimee Suen

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Episode 81: Diet Culture and Nutrition Coaching with Aimee Suen

Today, we talk with Aimee Suen of Small Eats all about her work as a Nutritional Therapist, the language around diet culture, and so much more!

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Time Stamps:

3:16 – Introduction to today’s guest: Aimee Suen!

6:21 – More specifically, what does Aimee do, and what is her work look like as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

11:32 – What led Aimee to food and nutrition?

18:30 – Does Aimee feel like she’s still trying to peel away the layers regarding the value of thinness?

24:40 – Navigating body image conversations – past and present.

31:35 – “I don’t focus on fat or weight loss with my clients” – has this always been the case for Aimee in her coaching?

36:59 – If someone comes to her saying they want to lose weight or fat, what is that conversation like? What is Aimee’s process like?

40:12 – What are some other goals we could work toward besides fat and weight loss? 

43:03 – So if a client does start to lose weight/fat while working with Aimee, how does she manage those conversations about body image to keep people aware, level-headed and grounded in their journey?

48:40 – Orthorexia: from a nutritional therapist’s perspective.

58:30 – If we do notice some of the things Aimee mentioned, where do we go from there?

1:08:25 – What is Aimee really into lately?

1:09:25 – Where can we find Aimee online?