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Episode 91: Do You Have a Healthy Relationship with Exercise?

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Episode 91: Do you have a Healthy Relationship with Exercise?

On today’s episode, Anita and Jessie discuss important points to examine in determining whether you have a healthy relationship with exercise!

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Resources and References:

Anita’s Free Prenatal Pelvic Floor eBook:

3 Common Misconceptions When Preparing Your Pelvic Floor for Birth (and what to do


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Time Stamps:

1:00 – Introduction to today’s topic: exercising intuitively!

1:40 – #1 thing to do in working towards this – and where Jessie and Anita sit with this.

4:02 – Do the efforts of your exercise match the phase of life you are in?

7:25 – Examining the reasons why we want to exercise, personally!

12:20 – Examining our anti-fat and other internalized biases.

16:12 – Examining our relationship with diet culture.

17:30 – Examining our relationship with tracking (step counters, etc).

20:15 – Start to bust your “all-or-nothing”ness.

23:15 – Take an extended break from intense/structure exercise if that is safe for you.