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Episode 125: Obstetricians and Hospitalists with Dr. Nicole Rankins

by | Jun 9, 2020 | 0 comments

Episode 125: BEST OF REPLAY – The Role of a Hospitalist Obstetrician and integrative Health Coach with Dr. Nicole Rankins 


On today’s episode, we talk with Dr. Nicole Rankins about her role(s) at work, and how her personal experiences have shaped her professional endeavors!

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    Resources and References:

    Dr Nicole Rankins Website:

    Instagram : @DrNicoleRankins :

    Facebook: @DrNicoleRankins:


    Time Stamps:

    2:05 – Introduction to Dr. Nicole Rankins

    7:00 – Dr. Nicole explains what a hospitalist is and how her days look.

    12:18 – Dr. Nicole shares her birth experiences and how they played a role in HER career.

    17:04 – The mental and emotional differences between her two births.

    18:01 – Dr. Nicole’s birth experiences as a black woman – and her perspective as an OBGYN.

    24:50 – Has Dr. Nicole always been pro birth plan? Or has it developed through her personal and professional experiences?

    29:50 – Dr. Nicole shares more about her role as an integrative health coach.

    33:30 – Dr. Nicole shares about her AFFORDABLE online Birth Preparation Course and why expectant parents should take a childbirth education course.

    37:22 – Some tips for expectant parents who are planning a hospital birth.

    39:04 – Dr. Nicole shares about her podcast and where to find her online!

    40:50 – On the next episode of TBAB…