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Episode 217: How to Take the Mental Energy Out of Pre and Postnatal Exercise with Tryna DeGagne

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Episode 217: How to take the mental energy out of pre and postnatal exercise with tryna degagne

Today, Jessie talks with client and physiotherapist, Tryna DeGagne, about her postpartum experience, and how to take the guesswork out of recovery and getting back to strength training with To Pregnancy and Beyond!

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0:58 – To Pregnancy and Beyond program doors are CLOSING!
3:21 – Introduction to today’s special guest: Tryna DeGagne
7:29 – What has been the biggest difference in how Tryna thinks about and treats the pelvic floor?
8:42 – Where was Tryna at movement-wise going into her first pregnancy?
10:06 – What did postpartum recovery and return to exercise look like afte rthat first birth?
11:17 – What did Tryna find in those early weeks and months of getting back into strength training and workouts with To Pregnancy and Beyond?
15:24 – Where is Tryna at now after the loss of baby Harris, and how she has started back into exercise this time around?
17:28 – What are Tryna’s favorite features of To Pregnancy and Beyond?
20:02 – Final thoughts and wrap up!