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Ep 01: Getting Your Body Back After Baby

by | Feb 13, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 01: Getting Your Body Back After Baby

Addressing the mindset around bodies after babies, the pressures to ‘bounce back’, how damaging and distracting this can be for moms, and strategies for moving away from this.

References and Resources:

1) 6 Strategies to Take the Focus Off Fat Loss For Moms – Read Here.

2) An Open Letter to Moms Stressing About Their Bodies and Their Bellies – Read Here.  


Time Stamps:

1:57 – How this topic comes up with Anita’s clients

2:53 – Jessie’s personal experience with body discomfort & postpartum body image

7:20 – Anita’s personal experience with body discomfort, birth & postpartum body image

13:52 – “Your pre-baby body didn’t grow and birth a baby…”, and our bodies are constantly changing

15:57 – There is no deadline to “bounce back”, and being present postpartum

17:10 – The language I use in my home

18:28 – What is this idea of “getting our bodies back” rooted in?

22:11 – Having control over our bodies

25:02 – Words matter

26:57 – Comparison of body changes in second pregnancy

28:31 – “If I were smaller, then things would be better…” – Is this true?

30:50 – We do not have to be obsessed with our bodies

32:50 – Diversifying our social media feeds

33:59 – Episode takeaways