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Ep 03: Diastasis Recti – The Myths and The Facts

by | Feb 27, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 03: Diastasis Recti – The Myths and The Facts

In today’s show, we are discussing the myths and facts regarding Diastasis Rectus Abdominus, the common abdominal muscle separation that occurs during pregnancy and can persist in postpartum.

We want to reduce fear mongering and anxiety about diastasis and instead give education about how to treat, heal and exercise with DR.

References and Resources:

1). Core + Floor Restore and Core + Floor Restore for C-Section – Read Here.

2). Are you a Bum Tucker in Exercise? – Read Here.

3). 10 Fast Facts About Diastasis Recti – Read Here

4). 5 Reasons Your Diastasis Recti Might Not Be Healing – Read Here

5). Your Diastasis Questions Answered – Read Here. 

Time Stamps:

1:26 – What IS Diastasis Recti?

4:15 – Why people are stressed/scared about Diastasis Recti (and why you shouldn’t be)

5:20 – The three areas you could have Diastasis

6:20 – Trusting our bodies during pregnancy and postpartum

7:50 – Why does Diastasis happen?

10:00 – Chronic patterns in how mom holds her breath and body, and managing those

11:51 – Managing intra-abdominal pressure

16:10 – How does Diastasis heal? And seeking assessment by health professionals

24:18 – Healing Diastasis with Nutrition

25:41 – What were Anita and Jessie’s experience with Diastasis Recti?

29:31 – Does everyone get a degree of Diastasis in pregnancy?

30:54 – Myth: If you have a 2-finger Diastasis, it needs to be rehabbed

33:05 – Can you prevent the severity of Diastasis Recti during pregnancy?

34:34 – Can the type of workout you do during and post-pregnancy impact the severity of your Diastasis?

36:29 – What to focus on during exercise

37:05 – Is surgery ever necessary for Diastasis healing?

41:14 – Episode Recap