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Episode 39: Evidence Based Birth with Rebecca Dekker

by | Nov 6, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 39: Evidence Based Birth with Rebecca Dekker

In today’s episode we are talking evidence based birth with Dr. Rebecca Dekker.

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Resources and References:

Evidence  Based Birth  –

EBB  Resources  for Parents  –

EBB  Resources  for Professionals  –

EBB  Blog –

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Time Stamps:

1:05 – Who is Dr. Rebecca Dekker, and what is Evidence Based Birth?

4:34 – What is “evidence based” information?

8:03 – How does evidence based care differ from routine care?

10:11 – How long does it take for that evidence to be called “routine” care?

12:54 – The midwifery-led model of care

14:30 – What are the challenges of getting evidence based care in the maternity system?

17:01 – Informed consent and informed refusal…what do they mean, are they happening in the medical system, and what advice would you give those who feel coerced into medical decisions?

21:00 – What are some maternity evidence based practices that are now used as routine care?

23:16 – How can parents gather evidence based information and what questions should they prepare for their care providers?

27:02 – Resources for Evidence Based Birth (listed in the resources section as well!)

30:39 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…