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Episode 253: Making Exercise Adjustments for Folks with Larger Bodies

by | Oct 4, 2022 | 0 comments

Episode 253: Making Exercise Adjustments for folks with larger bodies

In today’s episode, Jessie talks about adjusting exercises for folks with larger bodies – especially in times of pregnancy, postpartum and parenting – people whose bodies are going through many transitions and changes. Please keep points made in this episode in mind so that your client/patient experience is amazing, powerful, and comfortable for them! Non coaches and practitioners can learn what to look for and consider during this episode as well!

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Show Notes:

0:55 – Jessie has a brand new, free, live workshop coming this month!

3:22 – Introduction to the subject matter and why it’s important
5:20 – Jessie talks about her experience through her own body changes
7:00 – Tip #1 (for the pros): Have you created a relationship with your clients where people feel comfortable telling you the truth about their bodies (coming to you with things such as “this doesn’t feel good”)?
9:10 – Tip #2 (for the pros): Give options right away for people to adjust a movement where there could be discomfort for them in positioning their body
11:28 – Tip #3 (for all): Adjusting prone positions
13:30 – Tip #4 (for all): Adjusting spinal flexion exercises, or exercises where we are folding into the belly
15:30 – Run through and wrap up
18:05 – Reminder on advocating for yourself!